Supporting Local Flower Growers

The current situation is like nothing any of us has ever experienced before, and while this time of year is typically filled with so many special celebrations and occasions like Mother’s Day, graduation, and Easter, very few of us will be able to connect in the same way we always have.

Flower farmers around the world have been scrambling to pivot their small businesses, coming up with creative and safe ways to continue to provide the beauty and connection that’s so desperately needed right now.

I’ve been in communication with so many farmer-florists over the last few weeks and am inspired by their resilience and willingness to step outside of their comfort zone and quickly adapt to the present circumstances. Many growers and designers have started offering local bouquet deliveries and setting up safe pick-up sites in order to sell and share their blooms.

Because many of the largest flower wholesalers in the country have had to limit their shipments, retail florists have been turning to local flower farmers to supply them with much-needed blooms. And a number of flower farmers that I know have started shipping for the first time ever, which is no easy feat. But they’ve been consistently selling out in record time. I have loved watching how excited and grateful people have been to get a hold of these farm-fresh blooms.

The best way we can support these hardworking farmers is by buying and sending local flowers this season.

Part of Bagins mission is to connect growers with people who want to buy local flowers. We can help you find flowers quickly and easily, both in your area and where your loved ones live.